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Why Order WoW Covenant Boosting Services?

Covenant is a brand-new game system introduced in and unique for the Shadowlands expansion. Most likely you’ve already encountered it and we bet you haven’t enjoyed it too much. What’s the biggest problem with it? The amount of time it takes to make it somewhat useful for your character. The majority of its features are gated behind an absolutely insane amount of farm.

And there’s no challenge whatsoever. You do quests, collect renown and anima – but that is hardly entertaining. Yet it’s what you must do to catch up with the rest – if you don’t have enough perks unlocked, you’re going to fall behind for sure. So you have to go online every week to have another portion of this mundane stuff done. And no guide will make it less painful.

That’s where you need some professional help from Armada: we know how to speed the thing up a little and let you enjoy the parts of the game that you genuinely like. Leave the routine to us and just forget about it for good.

What Shadowlands Covenant Boost types are there?

There are a lot of ways of making this activity easier to bear. But it is possible to divide them into just 3 categories:

  1. Unlock & Leveling
  2. Anima Farm & Quests
  3. Campaign Completion

Unlocking and leveling are the most important parts of the process: without gaining the access to Covenants you won’t be able to, well, actually have any progress with them. And it’s not a one-minute task too, so some assistance with it might be welcome. And after you’re through with step 1, the main fun arrives: leveling it up. To successfully do that you need to collect renown. It’s long and boring, so we’ll help you with that as well.

Anima Farm & Quests constitute another important carry category which helps you get higher ranks faster as well as improve its various facilities. And there are plenty of them – the umbrella term for them is Sanctum. And it’s exactly what you’d like to upgrade as soon as possible to get more advantages.

Campaign completion is not supposed to be fast in Shadowlands. Unfortunately, you’ll be stuck with it for a couple of weeks at best. The main reason for such slowness is the direct connection of the campaign chapters to the renown level of your covenant. So yes, it is also gated. But we’ll do our best to spare you the awful monotony of the progress.

How soon do we start?

As a rule we commence the execution of this type of carries within 10-20 minutes after you’ve bought it. We’ll need some more details from you, of course, to be able to log in into your account, but we’ll be discussing that in private on Discord or any other messenger of your choice.

How long will it take?

Depends on which product you’re after. For some it can be possible to complete within a couple of hours (a swap service, for example) and for some even a month won’t be enough.

Why is Cooperation with us Safe? 

We have a considerable experience in doing solo boosting, so we know for sure which things are dangerous for your account and which are not. Our techniques allow us to avoid the majority of suspicious activities that lead to suspensions pretty often. That is what usually happens when you deal with low-quality players many of which can’t even type in English.

Armada Boost, on the other hand, is a big company that has a perfect reputation to maintain. You can check out our Trustpilot page to find more than 600 positive reviews – that’s the only proof you need to see that we know how to do business.

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