WoW Classic Boosting Services
Struggling to level up your character through thousands of quests? Classic dungeons and raids are too hard? Can't farm enough gold to buy mounts? We can help!
Our professional players will make you one of the WoW Classic best players in no time.

Why Get WoW Classic Power Leveling?

Everyone who’s heard of WoW Classic also is familiar with how savagely brutal and boring the power leveling in this game is. You’ll have to spend weeks and weeks on various activities most of which are extremely boring and repetitive. If you have played some retail recently you know for sure that questing can be fun and getting your character to the cap is possible in many different entertaining ways. Well, Vanilla is different.

You might run out of quests in any zone pretty easily. Your dungeon run is not going to be a pleasure cruise and you can fail to finish even a 30-lvl instance without a good group. Sometimes you just have to grind mobs to farm some extra experience and finally do the ding. It’s grim and difficult, but the result is worth it: the high-end community in Classic is pretty awesome and you simply must try raiding and doing other fun stuff with them.

Yes, getting there is a torment but we will ease your burden by bringing in the professionals. They are experienced in raising any class of either faction to the desired numbers in the optimal way. You really have to be a rocket scientist to know where to farm mobs to obtain just enough XP to reach another level faster – and we mean it! So that’s what we offer: a solution for you if you don’t want to waste your time and effort on something so tedious.

What are the Requirements for WoW Classic Power Leveling?

The only requirement is to have a character. Well, in fact, you don’t even need that, as we can create a toon of the race and class you request. And there it starts: we raise it from the current level to the desired one. Choose it in our dedicated service or just message us on Discord or any other messenger and give us all the info.

However, it’s possible to have it done not only by span (say, 1 to 60 or 22 to 45), but also by hour: for example, you’re going away for the weekend and you don’t want to lose progress, so you give us a task to take care of your character for 20 hours – 10 per day. And that’s exactly what we do for you!

How soon do we start?

Since this is a sort of run-of-the-mill carry for us we’ll commence it pretty soon. Most likely your driver will be available within 20 to 30 minutes, in some rare cases it might be slightly longer. Don’t worry, if there are any delays we’ll notify you on the messenger or by email, depending on your preferred method.

How long will it take?

To answer this question we need to learn the span in question. If it’s 1 to 10, it’s going to be a couple of hours at worst. If it’s 1 to 60, it’s going to become considerably more. Also, your class matters a lot, as well as your realm – on some servers one of the factions is underrepresented and because of open-world PvP gangs the process might take longer.

How to Get WoW Classic Power Leveling Services?

First you need to choose which service suits you better: either it’s a boost by level, or by hour. The former requires you to choose where we are to begin and where we are to end: for instance, start at 5 and end at 50. The latter is easier: you pay for the time, not for the span, so it doesn’t really matter. However, the results are going to be different for, say, 10 lvl and 55 lvl toons.

Why Choose Us? 

Armada has been doing this kind of carries since the very beginning of Classic. On its very first days we found out how to do most things without wasting our customers’ time and keeping it safe. And so it goes: we’ve been keeping up the quality up to this day. If you want to make sure, check out our Trustpilot page to find 600+ positive reviews there as a convincing prove for what we claim.

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