WoW Shadowlands
Boosting Services

Struggling to level up your character to level 60? Need help with Shadowland raids or dungeons? Wish gear could be obtained faster? We can help!
Here you can find our most popular WoW Shadowlands services, including power leveling, gold delivery, raid boost, Mythic+ carries, and more!

Who are Shadowlands Boosting Services for?

These services are a perfect solution for everyone who values their time and WoW progress. With the latest big expansion the game didn't get rid of all its drawbacks, including endless grind, time-gating, and, let's be honest, a not-so-great community.

All those things stand in your way when you try to level up your character, gear it up, and kill the hardest bosses. Basically, you're just trying to have fun and the game does everything to ruin it for you. To help you with that and let you have some enjoyable experience once more we've come up with a vast catalog of products.

What Services do we offer? 

Armada Boost offers a wide range of carries. We divide them in 6 big groups:

  1. Raids
  2. Dungeons
  3. Power Leveling
  4. Gearing
  5. Farm and Gold
  6. PvP

Raid products include mainly loot runs, full gears, and specific boss kills – all of these are available in 3 difficulties: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. We also have loot trading which increases the number of epic items you obtain after a single full run.

Our dungeon category is primarily about Mythic+ carries. You choose a key and an instance and join the party of our professional players. Many players prefer Mythic+10 run to all the others as it's perfectly balanced in terms of value and price.

Power Leveling has undergone a significant update: now the cap is 60 instead of 100-and-something. So the most common leveling includes getting your character from lvl 50 to 60. We do it fast and even fetch you some decent equipment to start doing harder activities right away.

With gearing we improve your character's average ilvl to the one you need. It's much faster and cheaper than a raid FG, yet the result is by no means worse.

The Farm & Gold category includes: Covenant world quests and weeklies, Torghast layers, lots of new Reputations, Professions to craft legendaries and more. Naturally, no sane person can do it all without help. So here we are with dozens of solutions to help you out. Gold deliveries included!

PvP in Shadowlands got an unexpected rebirth. It’s because Blizzard reintroduced PvP vendors, the items they sell are relatively cheap and incredibly overpowered. Collecting conquest points is a huge obstacle for everyone who’s not into PvP, but our services are your smart way out: they are not too expensive, they guarantee lots of goodies, and they are safe!

When is the best time to get boosted?

You know it when you feel it: the boredom of never-ending quest grind or the despair after dozens of instance wipes with random PUGs. Don't waste your time! Play only when you enjoy it – leave WoW's hideous routine to professionals. We'll cope with it fast and smoothly, clearing the way for you to enjoy what matters most: raids, dungeons, and PvP.

How soon do we start?

Usually we start within 10-20 minutes after you've made a purchase. However, it might vary depending on the difficulty and complexity of the service you've chosen.

How long will it take?

Faster than you think! But we can't tell you for sure until you tell us which carry you're interested in! M+ are pretty fast and are usually done within less than an hour, but a gear-up might take up to several days. Some Covenant leveling is even longer than that! Hence, it depends. 

Why choose us?

Professionals in Armada know their trade well. We know how to help our customers, how to answer their questions and keep them up to date with their progress on Discord or any other messenger – see our Trustpilot page for 600+ proofs. The community loves us.

We also are very experienced in completing almost any task in WoW Shadowlands in the optimal way, because we have a great diverse roster of gifted players. We will keep your boost safe, because we’ve been through a lot and we are sure what works and what doesn’t.

We know how to set prices to make them fair and how to bundle up products to help you save more money. We know it all. And now you know why you can trust us too. 

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