WoW The Burning Crusade Boosting Services

Struggling to level up your character through thousands of quests? TBC dungeons and raids are too hard? Can't farm enough gold to buy mounts? We can help!
Here you can find our most popular WoW TBC services, including power leveling, gold delivery, and PvP boosts!

WoW TBC Classic is finally a thing and we couldn’t be happier. For so many people their decade-long Warcraft adventure started with this very version of the game. Outland was their first high-end content and the ability to experience that fun once again makes them extremely excited. We’re among the excited one for sure!

Not unlike how it was with the Vanilla, hardly everyone will be enthusiastic enough to play through all the levels. Hardly everyone will have as much time as they had back in the day to gather parties and raids, do arenas all through the night, and spend weeks on playing the game. So that’s why we came up with several TBC boosting services to help you catch up with your realm’s try-harders!

What boosts can you get in WoW TBC Classic?

Essentially there are 3 services that are going to be extremely handy:

  1. Power Leveling
  2. Arena Carries
  3. Reputations Boost

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Power Leveling is expected to be the most popular once since getting your character to level 70 is not fast and easy when you do it by yourself. You might have an instant boost for your main character to start playing with level 58, but your alts won’t have such a luxury since only one of those is available per account. And you are not going to level up through the Vanilla content for weeks, are you? So that’s where our service shines: our pros know how to level up any class fast and in the most effective way.

Arena Carry will be of interest to PvP fans. High rating unlocks many awesome gear pieces, so the progress is reminiscent of that from the Vanilla but with a much more polished system, since the arena is way more organized than BGs and world PvP. You just assemble a team with your friends and start your journey up the ladder. With our service you will have real pros instead of friends and in the majority of cases it’s actually for the best, so you’re guaranteed to have great results.

Reputation Boost might seem an unexpected addition to the top list, but trust us, it really is going to be that important. The thing is reputations don’t have any sort of catch up system for alts, so you will have to grind it all over again for each of your characters. And reputations are a huge thing in TBC for raiding and PvP. Remember how sadistic the grind in TBC is? Chose to forget? Well, that was the right choice. To spare you this trouble we’ve come up with the Rep Boost, so we got you covered with this torment.

What do you get with a WoW Burning Crusade dungeon boost?

Dungeon boosts might be of interest to some players as well: we’ll get your character through the dungeon (Normal or Heroic) and help you get some extra loot. If you don’t have a key for the Heroic version (gated behind reputation requirements, mind you), it’s alright, we’ll activate the mode with ours. Just remember that since there’s no cross-realm play in TBC, the price on dungeon boosting might vary for different servers.

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